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Welcome to Matias H Aznar Memorial College of Medicine Research Portal.

This portal will help you facilitate for an easy submission of your research papers.

At the left portion of the screen are the links that you can access. If you are unfamiliar yet with the research guidelines press this link. The know the details of the research format press this link.

One of the pre-requisites before you can upload your research materials is to create first your own users accounts. To do that press this link. Limit your users account to 15 alpha numeric lowercase characters. After the registration a notice of approval coming from the Research Director will be sent to you through your submitted email address .

Once your application for registration has been approved then that will be the time that you can login and start uploading your research papers. To do that just press the link for the Member's Login, once press then you will be required to enter your username and a password.

If you login successfully then you can now commence the uploading of your research materials. Simply look for the button Upload New Research Paper which is found 5 lines below the caption Author's name or look for this icon . Once press you are to fill out first the necessary basic information prior to uploading your research materials.

After entering the required information look for the SUBMIT button which is found at the bottom of the page and if in case upon submission there some fields marked with a yellow color , it means that you are required to enter a data on it. Please take note also that the materials to be uploaded must be in a .doc format for reason of uniformity.

To access the existing research publication follow this link or goto Menu then press

Periodic updating of your account can also be done using the Password Change link which is found at the Member's Login Sub Menu..

If you want to get a copy of the school calendar you can press the link MHAM Calendar and download it in a pdf format.

Everytime you are finish with your transactions, as a safety precaution always press Logout in order exit from the appliction. This is to avoid anybody to do an unauthorized access to your account, and periodic change of password is a must .

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